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Corporate Data Center Decommissioning

As information technology became integral to business operations, companies built owned and operated data centers to manage and control their data. For years, Nascorps International has helped these companies manage the systematic decommissioning and removal of data center equipment. Today we frequently work in live environments, retiring select servers and racks and destroying hard drives and tapes. We also help manage the permanent shut down of company-owned data centers.

Data Destruction Methods

What is Data Destruction?

When you destroy data, the goal is to make it totally unreadable regardless of the form of electronic media on which it was originally stored. The process of data destruction also includes ensuring that this data cannot be recovered and used for unauthorized purposes.

Destroying data means it can no longer be read by an operating system or application. Merely deleting a file is insufficient. When you delete a file on an electronic device, you may not be able to see it any longer, but the information is still stored on the device’s hard drive or memory chip. Data destruction entails overwriting the current data with random data until the current data can no longer be retrieved, or actually destroying the electronic medium.

Erasing instead of physically destroying a hard drive enables reuse of the drive. Clients are able to redeploy hard drives internally or resell erased hard drives. This can be an important cost consideration. Hard drive erasure offers a great solution for destroying data and ensuring value recovery. Nascorps International offers erasure of loose drives and in-machine drives.

Degaussing or crushing provides a quick method for physical destruction of hard drives.

Destruction through degaussing is achieved by applying a significant magnetic charge to the hard drive.  The magnetic charge immediately erases data on the hard drive.  Please note that degaussing is only effective on magnetic media (magnetic hard drives and backup tapes).

Crushing hard drives using a hard drive crusher, applies enough force to break the hard drive platters. Using equipment properly sized, crushing is effective for magnetic and solid state drives.

Clients like this quick and easy one-two punch.  Degaussing and crushing are frequently used together, providing an added layer of data security.

Nascorps International offers high volume hard drive destruction services at your data center. Trucks equipped with hard drive shredders can shred thousands of storage media per day. Hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to shredding to facilitate final inventory reconciliation. Same day Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided. Our mobile shredding service ensures that your drives are completely destroyed and 100% of data is secured. Our trucks contain industry-leading shredding technology which reduces your data-bearing media to tiny pieces and ensures that data is irretrievable.